Freedom Virginia Launches Back-to-School Digital Day of Action to Call for K-12 Funding, as Gov. Youngkin Delivers Budget Speech

#BacktoSchoolFunding Calls for Passage of Senate Budget, Stopping Youngkin’s Plan to Underfund Virginia Schools

RICHMOND, Va. —  In anticipation of Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s speech before the Joint Money Committee this morning, Freedom Virginia and Democratic legislators have launched a Digital Day of Action to call for passage of historic education funding in the budget. With Virginia students heading back to school this week in many localities, the #backtoschoolfunding campaign calls for passage of a budget that mirrors the Senate-passed plan to make $1 billion in increased investments in K-12 public schools. The Youngkin and House plan, by contrast, would give a massive tax break to corporations and the wealthy, while underfunding Virginia schools.

“Governor Youngkin and Republicans in the House would rather give tax handouts to the rich than invest in support staff who will help our kids succeed at school,” said Executive Director of Freedom Virginia Rhena Hicks. “Our Digital Day of Action is a Call to Action: it’s time to get #backtoschoolfunding and pass a budget that makes historic investments in our public schools.”

Hicks added, “We’re  going to hear a lot of ‘we can do both’ today, which is baloney. “When the Governor says we can have ‘both’, he means less for the children of hardworking people and more for his wealthy friends. There is no surplus when our schools are underfunded by the tune of $4 billion dollars. In fact, this administration hasn’t even addressed the $201 million error that has already short-changed our schools. We have a real opportunity to infuse massive investment into our public education system right now. It’s time for Gov. Youngkin and Republicans in the House of Delegates to put the money where their mouth is.”

To see the impact of the proposed Senate budget for schools by locality, visit The Commonwealth Institute’s website here

Natalie Jones

Natalie Jones

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