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  • Access to Paid Sick Leave for ALL Virginians. Too many Virginians are having to choose between their or their family’s health and their paychecks. It’s unconscionable. 
  • Affordable Healthcare: Going to the hospital shouldn’t put any family into financial ruin, however that is the reality of many Virginians.
  • Economic Security: Every Virginian deserves to have the peace of mind that their financial futures are being bettered by the Commonwealth’s policies. We’re pushing to ensure everyone is better off at the end of the day.
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  • Don’t have time to commit? Share your story! It’s quick, takes seconds, and impacts our legislators!
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Freedom Virginian exists to lift up the voices of hardworking Virginians and make sure that they are heard in Richmond.  Story collection is a vital part of grassroots organizing.  We want to share your story to bring about change that helps middle-class families across Virginia.  Join us today to share how the struggles we all face – from burdensome utility bills to lack of paid sick leave – are impacting you.

VA legislative fact sheet

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