Standing for Virginia Families

We are dedicated to advancing economic security policies and creating a Commonwealth where all Virginians have the freedom to thrive and contribute to their community. We are working to ensure that hard work is respected and that all Virginians, no matter who they are, where they live, or what they do, can succeed for themselves and their families.


What We Do

Through grassroots activism, voter engagement, and legislative advocacy, Freedom Virginia is pushing our elected officials and candidates to take action to build a better, more economically secure Virginia. Our team is committed to amplifying the voices of the working class and furthering the fight for a more affordable Virginia. 

Here’s what we’re facing:

0 M+

Virginians with no access paid sick leave

50 %

of parents are negatively impacted by a lack of affordable child care

100 %

Increase in health insurance premiums in last 6 years

What matters to us

Affordable Health Care

From the cost of prescription medicine to high insurance premiums, Freedom Virginia is fighting for access to affordable healthcare for all Virginia residents. Virginians deserve healthcare they can afford. Read more to find out what we’re working towards!

Paid Sick Days

Every Virginian should have the ability to call in sick without risking their paycheck. However that reality doesn’t exist for 1.2 million Virginians. Whether it’s you that needs care, your child, or a loved one–everyone deserves paid sick days to care for their family. Read more to find out what we’re working towards!

Economic Security

Virginians are looking for a more secure economy; one that creates opportunity for ALL Virginians. Economic security sits at the heart of creating a Virginia that gives all the opportunity to thrive. This includes affordable energy, consumer protection, especially against those corporations who take advantage of the middle class, and tax fairness.