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Our Vision

We want a Commonwealth where all Virginia families have the freedom to thrive. 

Freedom Virginia is working to advance common-sense solutions that will ensure all Virginians – not just the well-connected – have access to good-paying jobs, quality and affordable healthcare, and excellent educational opportunities.

What We Stand For


Freedom means the ability to work hard and earn a living that allows you and your family to get ahead.  But for many working Virginians, cost of living and core expenses like healthcare or education costs are rising faster than salaries or wages.  Special interests are driving too much of our political agenda, prioritizing their own profits above working people.  Freedom Virginia believes that when Virginia families are thriving, our economy thrives.


Family is the most important thing in our lives, and our public policies should reflect that. Instead, Virginia families are getting squeezed, trying to care for children and aging relatives, while balancing their job responsibilities.  Meanwhile, some of Virginia’s corporate elite are making huge profits but not supporting their employees when they need quality child care or to help a sick loved one. Freedom Virginia fights to ensure that our Commonwealth benefits all hard-working families, not just the powerful.


In today’s world, there is growing uncertainty around the security of our health and economy. Too often, working people across Virginia are forced to choose between a paycheck and the health of their families. Freedom Virginia believes in a Commonwealth where working people can provide for their families and can afford to take their children to the doctor or stay home when they are sick.


Across the Commonwealth,  Virginians believe in opportunity and leaving life better for the next generation.  Unfortunately there are increasing barriers to that goal, with too many elected officials prioritizing big money interests over results for working families.  We see this impact with higher education costs for working families rising every year or greater uncertainty in the job market.  Freedom Virginia advocates for policies that ensure all Virginians can realize their full potential. 

What We Do

Access to Affordable Healthcare

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Paid Family & Medical Leave and Child Care

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Paid Sick Days

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By The Numbers

Why We Do It



Virginians With No Paid Sick Leave


Avg. increase in Virginia college tuition over last 5 years


Increase in Health Insurance Premiums in 6 yrs

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