Freedom Virginia Continues 5-Stop ‘Show Me Your Values’ Mobile Billboard Tour on State Budget in Loudoun County

LEESBURG, Va. – Senator Jennifer Boysko (D-Herndon), Delegate Irene Shin (D-Herndon), Delegate Suhas Subramanyam (D-Ashburn), Delegate David Reid (D-Ashburn), Delegate Vivian Watts (D-Annandale), Loudoun Education Association President Sandy Sullivan, and Loudoun County School Board Member Atoosa Reaser today joined Freedom Virginia in Leesburg to continue their 5-stop “Show Me Your Values” mobile billboard tour to call for passage of the Virginia Senate’s proposed budget, which makes a historic investment in schools and communities rather than giving tax handouts to big corporations and the wealthiest Virginians.

This week, Gov. Youngkin called for a special session on the budget, which could happen in June or July. The Senate budget would mean $1 billion more in public school funding, including $34.6 million more for Loudoun County public schools, or $424 more per student. The increased Senate funding would add 582 staffers to Loudoun County schools, including school support staff like counselors, social workers and nurses. Prince William County $52,893,238 in additional state funding meaning $593 per student. This additional funding would allow for an extra 668 staffers to be hired for Prince William County public schools. Fairfax County would see an additional $63,813,778 in funding, allowing for $371 per student and 1,275 staff to be hired. On the other hand, Youngkin’s proposal would waste $1 billion dollars on tax handouts that primarily benefit corporations and the ultra wealthy.

The tour continues June 13 at 11 a.m. in Henrico County. Additional tour stops will include Newport News and Harrisonburg.

“As they debate the budget, Governor Youngkin and my colleagues in the General Assembly have a very important choice to make in the next few weeks,” said Senator Jennifer Boysko (D-Herndon). “We have to make a choice between spending $1 billion dollars ensuring our children have the world class education they deserve and giving away $1 billion dollars in mostly corporate handouts and tax giveaways.”

“The Senate budget proposal gives our communities a historic boost in state funding, along with additional strong investments in health care, higher education, and more,” said Delegate Suhas Subramanyam (D-Ashburn). “But there can be no greater investment in any community than in its schools. Schools are the cornerstone of our neighborhoods, they set our children on the right path toward bright futures.”

“The public is on our side, as poll after poll shows that voters do not want us to approve tax giveaways to corporations,” said Delegate Irene Shin (D-Herndon). “We need a tax code that is fair and ensures the rich pay their fair share. I hope my Republican colleagues hear us today and join us in prioritizing our schools over corporate interests.”

“The budget is about priorities, and a vision for what we want,” said Delegate David Reid (D-Ashburn). “And the investment that we are asking, from the Senate’s budget is about the priority to fund education today in the Commonwealth, and also establishing the foundation for a future that provides educational services across the entire Commonwealth.”

“If you’re a beginning teacher throughout Virginia, we’ll get maybe $35 [in tax cuts] a year while the wealthy have 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of dollars in here from this tax proposal,” said Delegate Vivan Watts (D-Annandale).

“Virginian values center around respecting hard work; giving our kids the foundation for a better future; and ensuring that, in this Commonwealth, we take care of each other, so Virginia can be the best place to work, live, and raise a family,” said Loudoun County School Board Member Atoosa Reaser. “Governor Youngkin and Republicans in the General Assembly have proposed a special interest giveaway that’s out of line with our values.  So today, we’re asking the Governor and all legislators to support a budget that honors Virginians and puts the children of hardworking people above corporations.”

“Lawmakers have the opportunity to address this funding error and make historic investments in public education only if they reject the Governor’s tax plan for the wealthy and well-connected and instead prioritize kids, families, and educators in Virginia’s budget,” said Loudoun Education Association President Sandy Sullivan.

Brigid Godfrey

Brigid Godfrey

Communications Director

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