Virginia Common Sense Economy Coalition

More than 1.2 million Virginians still have to choose between going to work to make ends meet or taking care of their own health. That’s a problem not just for Virginia’s workers, but for Virginia’s economy as a whole.

Studies have shown that workers with access to paid sick days have higher productivity levels and lower rates of job turnover. Any way you look at it, paid sick days for Virginian workers just make sense.

The Virginia Common Sense Economy Coalition is made up of small business owners who stand by their employees by providing paid sick days–and want to see the rest of Virginia’s businesses do the same!

Current VCSEC Members:

Williams Funeral Home

Strong Temple Fitness and Personal Training

Jackson Child Care

DC Brushes & Strokes

Amoos Restaurant

Inca Social

Holistic Safe Spaces

High Side

Courthaus Social


Ipanema Cafe

Predominantly Love

Project Four

The CurlyQ Mom