2023 State Budget

Budgets are about values, and Governor Youngkin and Republicans in the House have made their choices clear in their 2023 budget proposal – they are not working to lower the costs of the things we all depend on – housing, medicine, or energy – because they used that money to give tax breaks to big corporations.

The Problem

This is a bad deal for hardworking Virginians: under the Republican plan, big corporations get over $350M in tax breaks, while the majority of Virginia households will get less than $50. The proposed House Republican budget proved what we’ve always known: Republicans care more about currying favor with their corporate donors and their extremist base than about ensuring hardworking Virginians have the resources they need to get ahead.

The Solution

Contrasting, the Senate Democrats’ budget proposal delivers on the things that Virginians want and need – more teachers and counselors to help your kids recover from learning loss; strong roads and public transit to help you get where you need to go faster; more affordable housing across the state; and pay raises for our hardworking mental health professionals, law enforcement, and state employees. 

We need legislators to pass a budget that is a good deal for working families. Tell your legislators to support the Senate Democrats budget.